2017 BAI Presidential Election

The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are proud to announce our new president-elect Zlatka Velagić.

This change comes with the departure of our former president Mirza Velagić to continue his studies in Baltimore. Mr. Velagić served as the BAI president since our inauguration and Voices of the Bosnian Genocide’s (VOBG) president since 2011. He has shown great dedication and resolve for the organization and is proudly passing the torch to the ever-impactful Ms. Velagić.

Ms. Velagić has also served BAI since its inauguration and VOBG from its founding in 2011. She has taken leadership roles as Secretary of the Board of Directors and most recently as a member of the Board of Trustees. She is the current Fellow for the pillar of Education Innovation and has given many talks to communities across the United States.

The BAI team is excited about the future and our new leader. We welcome Ms. Velagić into her new role, and the Boards have shown their full support for her leadership. We encourage you to help us welcome our new President, Zlatka Velagić.