We focus on four significant aspects of our community to fulfill our mission.

Each pillar has a chair to lead the initiative and fellows to support the chair in similar responsibilities.


Education Innovation

A fundamental principal of everything that we do rests on an innovative curriculum that fosters education and encourages scholarship and academic engagement. To support this work, we have established a Chair for Education Innovation to become a catalyst for scholarship relating to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Chair will sponsor the development of original content, and deliver lectures and education programs, with a goal to establish relations with academia and educators across America.

Irfan Mirza -  Chair of Education Innovation

Irfan Mirza - Chair of Education Innovation

Zlatka Velagic -  Fellow of Education Innovation

Zlatka Velagic - Fellow of Education Innovation


Cultural Preservation

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s culture, traditions, religious diversity, language and the identity of its people are unique and contribute immeasurably to the diversity of the human legacy on this planet. To ensure that Bosnia-Herzegovina earns and maintains its rightful place among nations who have given so much to human knowledge and civilization, the institute has chartered one of its four pillars to actively preserve Bosnian and Herzegovinian culture and traditions by driving and delivering cultural programs, defining and reinforcing the identity of Bosnians and by establishing sustainable relationships with other cultural organizations who can support and reinforce our work.

Adam Mirza -  Chair of Cultural Preservation

Adam Mirza - Chair of Cultural Preservation

Amela Zukić -  Fellow of Cultural Preservation

Amela Zukić - Fellow of Cultural Preservation


Genocide Awareness

Our founding goals of raising awareness about the Bosnian genocide through commemoration events, continue to inspire us and remain a key focal point of our work in the institute.

To support that work and bolster its impact, we are increasing our scope to examine various forms of genocide denial. We are working hard at drafting our response to denial, and are collaborating with other organizations to gain their support in exposing it.

Mirza Velagić -  Chair of Genocide Awareness

Mirza Velagić - Chair of Genocide Awareness

Nizama Djuderija -  Fellow of Genocide Awareness

Nizama Djuderija - Fellow of Genocide Awareness

Community Outreach

The audience reach that we gained over the last half decade is due to the dedication and persistence of our volunteers, contributors, and supporters—each one of you. To continue to foster this goodwill and engagement, the institute has anchored one of its four pillars on community outreach, the goal of which is to enable Bosnian-American youth to take on progressive leadership roles and contribute through volunteer activities, events and relationship building.


Nizama Djuderija

Nizama Djuderija


Amina Saracević

Amina Saracević

Esmeralda Kupusija

Esmeralda Kupusija

Alisa Mirza

Alisa Mirza