Since 2011, we have supported over 20 local communities in North America and provided thousands of hours of education about Bosnian Americans.


Our Mission

Through education and empowerment, we hope to inspire our communities to participate in the preservation of the culture and history of a sovereign Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to enrich the American experience.


What We've Achieved

  • Provided lectures and content to universities about Bosnia & Herzegovina's history
  • Hosted countless events in support of the Bosnian identity, including, but not limited to, Independence Day events, remembrance events, and workshops
  • Commemorated many local leaders who have had a positive influence on the Bosnian-American community
  • Built a vast network of Bosnian communities
  • Donated hundreds of dollars to local and global non-profits with ties to Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Helped guide the construction of a memorial site in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Contributed thousands of volunteer hours to help improve the lives of Bosnians and Bosnian-Americans alike